Margo Gontar

'Ya Gallery'

'Ya Gallery' owner, Pavlo Gudimov
 'Ya Gallery' owner, Pavlo Gudimov
‘Ya Gallery’ is one of the most modern galleries of contemporary art in Kiev, and in Ukraine in general. It was founded on the 12 of April, in 2007, by Pavlo Gudimov – curator, collector, famous musician and architect. The main goal is consistent support, development and popularization on modern (first of all – Ukrainian) art. Gallery organizes exhibitions of main Ukrainian painters (both here in Ukraine and abroad), lectures and master-classes, round tables and discussion, initiates museum projects. Besides exhibiting paintings of famous and new authors, ‘Ya Gallery’ also take part and organizes different art events - for example, art lectures featuring experts in art. Also there is a library on art and architecture. And in collaboration with main Ukrainian film critic Andrew Alferov the ‘A Kino’ cinema club is working. For the fist year of its existence, the 2007th, ‘Ya Gallery’ have made 16 exhibitions. Recently figures are much more impressive: art-centre initiates about 150 projects per year in own exhibition space and on other areas and platforms. And though the ‘Ya Gallery’ owner Pavlo Gudimov says that this business is absolutely non-profitable, he can’t stop doing it. As he has said in interview for ‘Day’ magazine, ‘I do clearly understand that I just can’t stop doing it [in meaning: running a gallery], because I do love it deadly, it would be a sin.’ So it’s not the question of money but the question of great art passion. As Pavlo Gudimov have said in interview for ‘Korrespondent’ magazine, ‘You can earn money if you create holding, where gallery will be one of the directions of holding’s activity. You can’t call ‘Ya Gallery’ a profitable business. All who are engaged in modern art know that it’s not money in a pure form, but keenness and cool projects which require certain infusions.’ ‘Ya Gallery’ is a composite of cultural holding ‘Gudimov art project’, which also includes architecture workshop ‘Ya Design’, ‘Artbook’ publishing house, ‘Accent’ creative group and ‘Gudimov’ music band. For having an opportunity to continuing and saving ‘Ya Gallery’s’ living, Pavlo Gudimov runs a design firm named ‘I Design’ that fulfills commercial orders. ‘Ya Gallery’ is a composite of cultural holding ‘Gudimov art project’, which also includes architecture workshop ‘Ya Design’, ‘Artbook’ publishing house, ‘Accent’ creative group and ‘Gudimov’ music band. Year ago there was an accident in a ‘Ya Galleries’ live – it was burned. But the fact is Gudimov not only didn’t close it, but restored and opened the new one, nearby. Now there are already two galleries here in Kiev, in the historical centre of Kiev – Podil. And recently have opened a brand new gallery in Dnipropetrovsk city. It happened exactly the way Pavlo Gudimov always wanted: the partner with placing for gallery and possibilities for containing the art-centre appeared, Pavlo Martynov. So the quantity of art audience in Ukraine is growing, and ‘Ya Gallery’ takes part in such important process of educating the nowadays Ukrainian among and together with other art-centers in Ukraine being that source of cultural science knowledge and latest trends that is so needed now.

Evgenia Kutsa



Company name: TPP Ltd. Universal

Owner: Vitaliy Novickiy

Address: Pravdy 6/1, 29000 Khmelnytskyi

Telephone: (0382) 762424, 762444, 762464
Fax: (0382) 762484

Web-site: www.ajour.com.ua (in Ukrainian, Russian, English and French) www.universal.km.ua

Online store: http://shop.ajour.com.ua

Year of foundation: 1997

Legal form: Limited liability company (Ltd.)

Addresses of mono-brand «Ajour» shops' net in Kyiv: Kyiv, 13 Khreschatyk str., 1 Rognedynska str., 84/20 Chervonoarmijska str.


Fashion Lingerie House “Ajour” produces lingerie and swimwear for men and women (2 lingerie and 1 swimwear collection for TM “Ajour” annually). The company also suggests the following services: production of regular collections (70 000 pieces per collection); exclusive production of lingerie or swimwear under another trademark; lingerie or swimwear production of the company's owned-material; stock collections.

Fashion Lingerie House “Ajour” is represented in 35 fashion stores "Ajour" in Ukraine. During 2010 Fashion Lingerie House "Ajour" opened fashion stores in such cities as Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa, Donetsk, Ivano-Frankivsk, Zaporizhya, Sevastopol etc. There are also stores in Vinnytsya, Dnepropetrovsk, Zhytomyr, Lutsk, Lviv, Mukachevo, Poltava, Simferopol, Ternopil, Uzhgorod, Kherson, Khmelnytskyj, Chernivtsi, Yalta.


“Ajour” has a great variety of lingerie: bra (padded cup bra, soft wire bra), pants (pants-string, pants-slip), bodies, caraco, shorts, combinette, bustier, corset and other items.

Taking into account different level of income of Ukrainians the company suggests two lines: «Premium» (designed by Vasiliev and Shanti) and «Middle premium» (more oriented on mass-consumers). The average prise of «Middle premium» set – 40-50 USD. «Premium» line set costs about 70-100 USD and more.

The mission of “Ajour” is to create fashion collections of lingerie that will meet the tendencies of both, designers' and mass collections. The company is also trying to stimulate the creation of fashion lingerie collections by native designers, as well as to contribute to the development of "lingerie direction" in Ukrainian fashion.

The factory of "Ajour" is equipped with modern equipment: of the Japanese company "Juki", of the American company "Union Spesial", with the German equipment "Pfaff Mauzer Spesial" and "Pegasus". Cutting is done with the help of the automatic projection system which includes a large-format digitizer "Calcomp" and a plotter "Hewlett Packard". The staff of the factory was trained by French specialists. At the enterprise work experienced technologists, designers, well-qualified sewers. The capacity of the enterprise allows the production of around 100-120 thousand pieces per month.

Vitaliy Prudyus

Company: Internet-supermarket "Rozetka.ua" (WLL)
Address: Frunze str., 40
Founded: 2002, online-store since 2005
Founder/owner/CEO: Vladislav Chechiotkin

Today is the most popular and visited online store in Ukraine. They specialized on sales of hi-tech devices, especially on personal electronic and gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, players, monitors, accessories for them etc. This store offers a little bit cheaper prices than offline-stores and delivers the goods to all regions of Ukraine. Rozetka.ua offers to people from all over Ukraine relatively good selection of products which offline-stores even in Kyiv cannot provide. In Kyiv they also have big offline-showcase, where people could come for the booked product and pay for it through the cashbox after check. This service helps people to overcome fear and distrust for online-stores and makes good reputation for Rozetka.ua as reliable online-store.

Kateryna Kapliuk


Moskovskiy Ave., 34-V


‘Megaplex’ cinema is a part of ‘Multiplex-Holding’ cinema network. The company was founded in 2004. By 2010 it had come out on top in box office amount in Ukraine.

Today the company owns nine cinemas with 39 cinema halls in Kiev, Donetsk, Krivoy Rog, Nikolaev, Odessa and Rovno. The company plans to open new cinemas in Zhytomyr and Khmelnitskiy.

In August 2009, ‘Distribution Company Multiplex’ was established. Since then, ‘Multiplex-Holding’ frequently acts as distributor and demonstrator at the same time.

CEO - Anton Pugach. Previously, he worked as Executive Director of the ‘Molodist’ film festival, executive director of ‘Kinopalats’ cinema network and general manager of ‘1+1Cinema’.

Anton Pugach owns 2.093% of the fund. Other main shareholders are Vladimir Trofimenko (39.105% shares), Sergey Edelev (0.517%) and Natalia Sinyuk (0.103%). Also, shareholders are asset management company ‘Capital Group’ (0.042% ) and ‘Capital record’ (58.140%).

Vladimir Trofimenko – brother of BYuT deputy Vadim Trofimenko. Also he is the owner of 95,7% shares of the ‘Capital Real Estate’ JSC (in Russian – ‘Nedvizhimost stolitsy’ – NEST). ‘Megaplex’ shareholders Sergey Edelev and Natalia Sinyuk are also minority NEST shareholders.

Companies ‘Capital Group’ and ‘Capital record’ are founded by Cypriot offshore companies. As these companies are related to the construction business, we can assume that it’s also companies of Trofimenko.

Data audit for 2010 isn’t ready. In 2009, the statutory fund of the ‘Multiplex-Holding’ was 86 000 000,00 UAH. (86 million UAH).

The company has issued 13 260 shares (each worth 1000 UAH) for a total of 13 260 000.0 (13 million 260 thousand) UAH

Net assets of ‘Multiplex’ in 2009 is 93 088 thousand UAH.

Profit in 2009 is 395 thousand UAH.

Aleksander Avvakumov

«Allur-Profi» (travel agency) Travel Agency

Allur Agency Tean

Owner: Tatiana Dmitrieva

Address:4, Lavrskaya str.,

Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel.: +38 (044) 280-35-30

Tel.: +38 (044) 227-46-59


Opening hours

Mon-Sun – 24/7

General information

Company offer and provide our customers with comfortable service they really feel the anxiety all the time. BTL is marketing and innovative company: they are going up and forward inculcating the new services and touristic technologies. The process of service is fully automated; there are our fresh ideas, permanent actions and special offers at your disposal.

The main directions of BTL activity are booking air, bus, railway tickets, booking hotels in Ukraine & hotel over the world, organized transferring services & VIP services in airport, opening visas & passports. Then BTL organized conferences, trainings and seminars, cycle meetings, exhibitions, pharmaceutical congresses, incentive journeys, excursions, individual tours.

Doing business:

Sources of income: BTL is working every day with partners and vendors and looking for the new opportunities to provide their customers with a special prices and services, including delay of payment and free delivery.

This travel company provide “24/7 support”. It’s mean that you could be in touch with your Personal Manager or current duty manager (using special SOS-connect) any time and from any place (not just from Mon till Fri 9-18).

Total: 20 000-30 000 UAH and % .

Expenses:The agency hires 3 people. The average salary for each of them is 3000grn./month. That’s about 9.000grn./month.

Total: 9.000 UAH and % .

Natalia Marianchyk

FOLGA photography studio

Address: 1 Frolivska Street, 3 floor

OWNER: Olga Zakrevska, photographer, manager of the studio


Anastasia Shvec, administrator (salary)

Andrey Korotich, photographer (gets % from each photo session)

Why FOLGA? This photo studio is a very good example of simple and small business, managed by several individuals.

The main investment went for technical equipment – approximately 10 000USD for light systems by German company Hensel (6 flashes: Hensel Expert Pro 1000 Plus – 2, Hensel Expert Pro 500 Plus – 4, Manfrotto Black Super Boom, Hensel Ultra-Softbox III, Hensel Ultra-Softbox III 75x75sm, Hensel Ultra-Softbox II 45x65sm; and 6 reflectors: Hensel 22" ACW Beauty Dish VII, Hensel 7" Reflector , Hensel Accent Tube, Hensel Backlight Reflector, Hensel Honeycomb Grids – 20", 30", 40", synchronizer) and also transmitter for backgrounds.

Owner of business Olga Zakrevska says that she spends around 1 000USD every month for rental of the space in Podil (600USD) and salary for administrator (400USD). Her business is 100% profitable because she makes 2000USD every month (rental of the studio + photo shootings), which means that the profit is around 1000USD every month.

What is special about FOLGA? First of all, FOLGA is a space for rental by photographers who don’t have their own studio and want to make a photo shooting. This is a very nice open space with all the necessary equipment. Here you have free wi-fi, coffee and tea, nice couch to have a rest in between shootings. There are special hourly rates from 130 to 180 UAH depending on day and time. There are a lot of photographers who have a nice camera but don’t have a place to do the professional shooting with light equipment, then they can go to FOLGA. It is very popular among commercial photographers and publishing houses.

Secondly, FOLGA provides photo services – people can order portfolio, advertisement, object or interior shooting here. The prices for photo sets vary from 900 UAH to 4000UAH depending on the order. For example, photo shooting for woman can cost around 2000UAH. This will include 4 different images, make-up and Photoshop of the best shots.

Thirdly, FOLGA is a space for photographic and Photoshop master-classes.

Marketing ideas: you can buy special gift certificates for your friends to make a photo shooting or for photographers to have a space to make a photo shooting. FOLGA has a very nice website with a google-calendar where you can book the time you need online. Most of promotions is done online or via personal contacts of Olga Zakrevska, owner of business.

CONCLUSION: FOLGA is a bright example of local business with minimum financial and human resources involved and maximum profitability. All the investments can be covered within 1-1,5 years.

Olena Abramovych

“Bottega” gallery

Owner: Maryna Scherbenko

Address: 22b, Мykhaylivs`ka str.,

01001 Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel.: +38 (044) 279-53-53

Tel.: +38 (044) 279-83-83


Opening hours

Tue-Sa 11 a.m. – 8.00 p.m.

Su-Mon closed

General information

The gallery represents outstanding creative personalities who have their own unique artistic style. Top exhibitions are prepared on the highest level presenting works of masters that belong to different generations.

The primary purpose of the gallery «Bottega» is to popularize Ukrainian modern art, to create civilized аrt-market in Ukraine by making projects that contribute to a better understanding of this country, and also to build efficient collaboration between the gallery, clients and artists.

Another business direction of the gallery is the Children's art-studio

The goal of the teachers in the children’s' studio is not the preparation of professional artists. They don’t impose pupils some esthetically beautiful canons. Primary task of the artistic education is to develop sleeping potential creative capabilities, hidden in every child since his birth, despite that these capabilities will develop also when a child will begin developing.

Margo Gontar

Pub “Trolleybus”
Click for full-size image

Click for full-size image

Adress: Minskaya Metro station, Obolonskaya street, 20-A.

Tel. 428 30 99 The Director is Sokolov M. V. Name of the firm “Tori-S”.The most special is about this pub is it’s nice lovely atmosphere, special original beer and amounts of alcohol cocktails. You’re always welcome there. And also it’s near you house, and it works till 2:00 a.m., so you can party with your friends till that long and then come home walking.

Anastasiia Babenko
Kyiv Jewellery Factory

Click for full-size image

Headquarters: 17 Golosiyivska, Kyiv

Owner: Serhiy Tsyupko, rated as one of 130 richest Ukrainians-2008 (according to Focus magazine)

Kiev Jewelry Factory, producing almost the half of all jewelry in Ukraine, is the indisputable leader in the production of gold and silver wares on the territory of Ukraine. It dates back to 1936 when on the basis of a small clock and jewelry hospital a jewelry factory was established. The assortment of the company numbers about 3,500 items and is enriched monthly. The factory has taken part at many international exhibitions in Japan, Malaysia, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain and Italy.

Olena Puzina

Company: "Obolon Corporation"
Address: 3 Bogatyrska str., Kyiv

CEO: Olexandr Puchok

"Obolon" is the only Ukrainian brewing corporation which belongs to forty largest brewing groups in the world. Worldwide market share of "Obolon" provided it 24th place in the rating of the German magazine "Focus". Today 36 countris know the taste of Ukrainian beer "Obolon". It is the biggest Ukrainian beer producer with 100% national capital. Plant in Kyiv has a design capacity of 11 mln. liters beer a year. This makes "Obolon" the largest brewery in Europe.

Mikhailova Oleksandra

Art gallery ZEH

Adress: 69, Frunze Str., Kiev, Ukraine
tel.: +38 044 591 13 69
Open from 2p.m till 8.m
Day off - Sunday, Monday

Owner: Oleksandr Scheluschenko

ZEH is the contemporary visual art gallery. It appeared on the market in 2005, but even such short period was enough for it to show itself as a competitive member. Despite ZEH organizes exhibitions of foreign painters, it is the only gallery in Kiev, which main aim and strategic is to promote new Ukrainian names in the world of art. Here the young talented and promising Ukrainian artists are exposed.

Gallery is not oriented on the mass audience. It`s cozy, private, individual, specific. But at the same time you`ll always find its doors opened if you are really interested in art.

Juliette Binoche – a prominent French actress - who visited the Ukrainian capital during the festival "French spring", choose ZEH gallery to present her solo exhibition "In-Eyes".

ZEH sees its mission not only to participate in the formation of a civilized art market, but in creating a positive image of contemporary Ukrainian art in contemporary art.

The price of the paints can be completely different – beginning with several hundreds dollars to several thousands. Who are the buyers - wealthy Ukrainian and foreign businessmen and politicians, connoisseurs of contemporary visual art.

In ZEH gallery you can find the works of such Ukrainian painters as

Nikolay Belous
Yaroslav Derkach
Yuri Ermolenko
Rustam Mirzoev
Eugeniy Perov
Sergey Oleksuk

Alina Sugoniako begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting

“Skladka” Company

Owner: Ruslana Koval

Address: av. Peremogy, 99/1, Kyiv

“Skladka” company has 2 business directions – they are women clothes sales and sales of school uniforms. There are 2 types of sales: wholesale and retail. Company has one shop in Kyiv now. The major company peculiarity is its cooperation with Ukrainian manufactory, so that “Skladka” works only with domestic production. Women clothes produced at that manufactory are very popular among ladies. The manufactory got the first place at the state contest of school uniform for its exclusive patterns. Cooperation with domestic production is crucial moment for Ukrainian economics development.

Olga Novak

TOV «Teta»

Director - Vovk Dmitrii Borysovych

Head Office - Ukraine, 08150, Kiev region, Boyarka, Liniina Street 30, app. 135

Was created in 2001 as computer club «Teta»

From 2002 - local computer network with access to Internet «Teta»

From 2006 - de jure TOV «Teta» (they did all nesessary documentation)

In 2006 there worked 15 employees. They got salary 2000 UAH

In 2008 there worked 4-5 employees. They got salary 2200 UAH

In 2009 there worked 2 employees. They got salary 2500 UAH

In 2010 there worked 1 employee. He got salary 2500-3000 UAH



There own resources:




From network you can visit these websites without payment for Internet:

Самый популярный Боярский форум
Сайт боярских новостей, погода в Боярке
Украшение воздушными шарами!

Now month fee for using network starts from 20 UAH, and Internet access from 0,01 to 0,05 UAH for 1 Mb

Why «Teta»? They were first lical network with access to Internet not through dial-up connection but Ethernet. Together with HomeNet (but de jure it was «Teta») it was the biggest lical computer network in Boyarka. Now you can use Ukrainian traffic without payment for it, you have to pay only for foreign traffic.

Alina Mamkaeva


Address: 4 Volinskaya St., Kyiv, 03087, Ukraine

Company founders: Emilija Kramar and Vitaly Gajduk.

Photos were taken from "PAVA" official web site.

The enterprise is based in 1997. The company is engaged in working out of technologies in the field of a professional aromatherapy, and since 2001 runs author's courses of medical massage with application of essence oils (this program has been confirmed by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and it is licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine). Now these courses are led under aegis Medical university of the Ukrainian
Association of Folk Medicine. Author's massage oils of the company are marked with a trademark "PAVA NATURPRODUKT".

"PAVA" specialises on a professional aromatherapy, therefore it is unknown to a wide range of people. And despite that this kind of nonconventional medicine is not strongly developed in Ukraine, affairs at "PAVA" go well: аll course groups are full, so there are no places for newcomers for the next two months. As the company plans to deduce shortly on the Ukrainian market of natural medical cosmetics, German manufacture - Maienfelser Naturkosmetik Manufaktur.

Halyna Korba

Roshen Confectionery Corporation

Address: 26/9 Electricov St. Kiev, Ukraine

General information: International Confectionery Corporation Roshen - leader of the national market of confectionery products. More than 25% of all Ukrainian confectionery is produced here. Under their own mark Roshen produces about 200 kind of confectionery products of impeccable quality (chocolate and jelly sweets, caramel, chocolate, biscuits, wafers, sponge rolls and cakes). Total production is 400 thousand tons per year. Corporation Roshen includes 4 Ukrainian factories (Kyiv, Vinnitsa, Mariupol, Kremenchug), two production sites by Lipetsk confectionery factory "Likonf" (Russia), Klaipeda confectionery factory (Lithuania) and butter-milk plant "Bershadmoloko" and "Litynsky Plemzavod". Products are represented in Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Moldova, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, USA, Canada, Germany, Israel and other countries.

Staff: Corporation - 240; factories - 9530; logistics center - 375.

Owner: Petro Poroshenko - Ukrainian politician and businessman.

Halyna Budivska

The name of local business:

Limited liability company «T.A.K.ltd»

The Adress: 04116 Kyiv, Starokyivska str.,10-а

There are two owners and foundersof this company: Larysa Zagorodnya (with 51% shares of stock) and Inna Barmak (with 49 % shares of stock). Mrs. Zagorodnya is a General director and mrs.Barmak is Chief Accountant.

LLC “T.A.K. ltd”was founded in 1995. Today it numbers 43 employees. Company deals with production and sale of bakery products. It uses only a natural raw and don’t use neither conservants or improvers. Goods don’t contain GMO.

Today it’s too difficult for small business to be profitable and stay up. But this company stays, maybe because of it deals with bread which is a daily product of Ukrainians.

Alina Mosendz

"Monpasie" - shop of bijouterie & accessories.

Located in Ukraine, in future plans (fall of 2011) to be in Russia too.

The "Monpasie" Company was founded in 2006, based on the one and only office, storehouse and in the same time place where master-classes on hand-made take place. The name was chosen because of similarity of candies monpasie with beads.

There are 7 shops in Kyiv and all of them near the metro station in malls:

- metro Druzhby narodiv, vul.Cheska,1/22
metro Chernigivska, "Darnitsa"
metro Petrivka, "Ashan"
metro Minska, "Dreamtown"
metro Ploshcha L'va Tolstogo, "Metrograd"
metro Darnitsa, "Dytyachyy svit"
metro Poznyaky, "Aladdin"

Director: Marina Komar

The company is selling by wholesale and by retail.

Except of selling accesories thet're selling books about hand-made and providing master-classes.

Also the company acomplish design work and manufacturing accessories for clothes and interior decoration. Accepting orders in advance.

Official web-site and internet-store http://www.monpasie.com

As far as i can see business is going well new shop at Poznyaky opened just in the end of December 2010.

Victoria Homenko

Company “Nova Linia”

Address: central office situated on 8 Odessa road, village Chabany, Kievska region, Ukraine

Owner: Oleg Shandar – Ukrainian businessman (he was general director of Ukrainian-German company “Vika-Anpet”, which sales building materials (1992 – 2001) )

General information: Company “Nova Linia” was founded in 2000. On June 16, 2001 company opened the first supermarket of building materials of the same name - "New Line" in Kiev. The main aim of company is making network of building supermarket in Ukraine. Today company has 17 huge markets in different Ukrainian towns. Also, one of them I can see near my house. His address – 65/1 Onore de Balzak St. Supermarket was placed on area of 10 000 m2. The assortments of building materials are really impressed. You can find sockets, wallpaper, putty, bricks, plates and dishes, instruments for garden, cactuses and etc. Every day people visit this supermarket, because every day they need some, for example, little things for good living conditions.

Natalie Gryvnyak

Villabajo café-pizzeria
Name of the owner: Ivanishev Aleksandr Ivanovich

Telephone: (044)536-95-79 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (044)536-95-79 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (044)536-95-79 end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (044)536-95-79 end_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Address: Knyazhiy Zaton, 14b, Kiev
Open Mon-Fri: 11 am – 11 pm

Open Sat-Sun: 10 am-11pm

Restaurant/café/pizzeria was opened in the beginning of summer 2010 and is oriented on the family and middle class target audience. Thus prices are moderate (up to 100 per person for the whole meal)/ Main goal of the owners was to put careful attention to quality of food. For this reason, the main unique feature of the restaurant that differentiates it from other establishments in the area – is tasty Italian and European cuisine with moderate prices. For this reason the biggest dining hall – is non-smoking area.
Most food is being bought from organic food manufactures, and all dough for pasta and pizza is handmade (produced in the restaurant). The equipment is brand new, and follows all needed certifications and requirements. Several things, why the restaurant is quite popular among visitors” tasty pizza, quality of food and dough in particular, free Wi Fi (that gives possibility to work), flexible discount system, life music during weekends, discounts on the daily menu, free delivery and low prices in comparison to other pizzeria’s and middle class restaurants in the district.

Restaurant is popular among locals and people from other districts of Kiev, since “Villabajo” café has done a good marketing campaign in the internet, plus it organizes lot’s of corporate and family celebrations. The location is quite good for the “Sleeping” district. Café is located close to metro “Osokorki” within the waling distances of several business centers. During weekends life music is being played, plus there is free Wi Fi, flexible discount system, discounts on the daily menu and free delivery.

Click for full-size image

Branding went smooth, due to the choice of the name for the restaurant. To most people, name “VIllabajo” is familiar thanks to the TV advertising campaign of washing soap. Owners used that to create an image of the European village located restaurant with simple yet tasty food. The exterior and design are following the selected pattern, and represent wooden decorated cozy rooms with village apparel hanging on walls. Staff includes around 16 people, with 5 people working in the kitchen. Most of them went through a careful selection, although average age of workers is 25-26. Main cook used to work in several famous Italian restaurants. There is one big refrigirator room, 3 workers are working constantly and others come on shifts, there are 3 dining rooms. In the bigger one there are 10 tables, in smaller - 7, and the balcony area has 4. There are 10 paintings on the walls with goats.
Main motto of the restaurant “Quality is unchangeable”


Click for full-size image

Byba Mariia

Name: Café-patisserie “Repriza”

Owner: Vena Beleva

Click for full-size image

Address: 26, B. VasilkovskayaSt.

Description: Repriza team’s credo is not only to cook tasty, attractive and creatively designed desserts and dishes in the European style, but also to serve them in a caring and friendly way. And what’s more – in a cozy atmosphere!

If you want to try something really tasty, to spend time in a fairy atmosphere or need a nice place to meet with friends – that is the place you need.

Number of cakes: 22

Number of marzipan figures: 11

Number of breakfast patisseries: 15

Number of different breads: 13

Number of wedding cakes types proposed: 7

Number of types of figure-cakes: 34

Number of waiters: 11

Number of rooms: 2

Number of self-made chocolates: 12

Natalia Marianchyk

NOVUS Chain of Supermarkets (15 all over Ukkraine) in Rivne, Cherkasy, Sevastopol and Kyiv

New Supermarket near my house (17 Brovarsky Prospect), opening 28 January 2011. Biggest in the chain 8500 sq.m.

General Information: The oficcial opening of supermarket will be in couple of days, but the shop is already open. This is a very big grossary store with bakery (40% discount for all bakery after 20.00), fresh meat and fish products, gastronomy.
The assortment is the same as in any other supermarket. Main motto- Everything Fresh.
Service level is good.
Works 24 hours a day.
As the shop is new, there is a double number of visitors.

Click for full-size image

Owners: BT INVEST company headed by Igor Bezzub (former owner of Sandora company, one of 100 richest people in Ukraine, pictured) and Raimondas Tumenas (Lithvania)
photo: fokus

Tanya Hordiienko

"Silpo", network of Supermarkets.

Recently opened supermarket near my apartment building. Located at Grygorenko street, 24.
They have special servises, such as grill,their own Bakery, orders for meat skewers, etc. It has 2 floors with food and non-food areas. Service is ok and as it was recently opened they have good discounts)))
Supermarket opens at 8 am and closes at 10 pm. It's one of 182 supermarkets in Kyiv. The owner of this network is Volodymyr Kostelman, president of Fozzy Group Corporation.

Olya Dacyuk

Sister’s dressing gallery

Kyiv, Kontraktova sq.,12 Mejygirska st.

Owner: Oleksandr Kolodiy

Click for full-size image
Fabric: Germany, Italy, Turkey. 90% cotton fabrics of natural origin: wool, cotton, rayon, silk, linen.

Design: Ukraine, Russia, Poland. Independent designers. During each season = formed a new team.

Manufacturing: Ukraine.

- Convenient location of stores (each - in the city center and near to metro station);
- Monthly update product;
- Communication with funny, smart and attentive advisers (dressers);
- Convenient sofa with books and magazines that are in resort areas;
- Coffee & Tea for customers;
- Just the ability to relax, create a picture while listening to pleasant music, or just chat with a dresser.

Olga Shylenko

“Diana” - bakery and confectionery

Located: Kiyv, boulevard Drujbi Narodov 28

Contact name : Tatyana

Number : 38-067-500-77-84

Cakes and sweets can be bought in the bakery without any extra charge.

All the production is straight off the ice.

Is known for cooperation with such companies as “Osobliviy” supermarket, “Jar-Ptiza” pizzeria etc.

The bakery produces over 20 varieties of cakes.

The most popular cakes are - honey cake, Napoleon, Tiramisu and Cherry Garden

There are 12 types of brownies : eclairs, sweet potatoes, Tiramisu, Drunkencherry, “Bird'smilk, Chocolate and Hazelnut, Romance etc.

Click for full-size image

Olena Zagrebina

DC Ukraine - health&beauty retail chain

Owner: Asnova Holding (President: Anatoliy Strogan)

DC Ukraine is a part of A.S. Watson Group

15, Oleny Teligy str.

"Shevchenkivskiy" store

tel. +38(044)4401410 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +38(044)4401410 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +38(044)4401410 end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +38(044)4401410 end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +38(044)4401410 end_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting, 458 33 38

DC chain suggests a discount system for their customers' club, but you can get the discount just if you have the student's id card. You can buy there goods to take care of yourself (everything for you skin, hair, nails, clothes etc.) and also you can get medicine there. Also DC has it's own website, where every internet user can watch the updates of goods variety and availability of these goods in DC shops all around Ukraine.

Liudmyla Kushnir

The name of local business: café&bar “Filin” (in English “The Eurasian Eagle-owl“) - private enterprise.

The Adress: 08300, 66a Pol’ova st., Boryspil, Kyiv region, Ukraine (P.S. I live in Bopyspil)

The owner is Valentyna Iakovenko. She has 12 employees, 20 visitors during the working week, 50 (or even more) during week-ends. It’s a nice place where you can have a cup of coffee, celebrate some birthday etc. There are 3 halls: for 80 persons, for 20 persons and for 10 persons. Also they have summer terrace where can be placed 130 people (the celebrations of weddings are held there).

The main problem that the owner faces is sometimes just a few visitors come to ‘Filin’ because the café is placed far from the center of the town. That’s why the owner decided to make some innovations: visitors can bring alcohol to bar (it’s much cheaper to buy it in market).

Oleksandra Mykhailova


Click for full-size image
Address: - 69, Frunze str., Кiev 04080, Ukraine

Owner – Oleksander Scheluschenko

ZEH gallery – is one of the most famous contemporary arts businesses in Ukraine. Its main aim is to help young but talented Ukrainian artist to become recognizableby a wider public not only in motherland but all over the world, to become respected members of the visual artists’ community. And one of the ZEH`s benefits is that it doesn’t focus on a mass consumer, but it is opened for everybody, who is well versed in the art but also for those, who has just become acquainted with it or are on the stage of planning to do it.

Gallery also organizes special exhibitions of foreign painters. It also was the place which famous French actress Juliette Binoche chose to perform her project «Jubilations», which includes not only the retrospective of her movies, but also an exhibition of her paintings «IN-EYES», as well as the presentation of the album of her paintings and poems dedicated to various directors.

Oleksandra Romanovsk
Mr. Shoemaker (Gospodin Sapozhnik) – the elite shoe repair service

Owner: Nikolay Romanyok (co-owner)

38/39 Voloska St.

tel. (044) 360-49-46 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (044) 360-49-46 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (044) 360-49-46 end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (044) 360-49-46 end_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting


Something like a slogan:

Our masters are always sober! Our masters work in cleanness! The best professionals are working for us! We work quickly! We are polite and adequate!

As says the company’s website, their goal is to bring the shoes repair at the qualitatively new level. The idea is to make the shoe repairing point that differs from the regular ones we have in Ukraine, as they are usually dirty kiosk-style ones and the shoemakers are mostly drunkards with dirty hands, smoking cigarettes while touching your precious favorite shoes. And they can also be rude. At least, that’s what I’ve seen mostly. You enter a nice light office with the reception counter, where a smiling girl takes your order and serve you coffee while you wait. Or you can (and that’s probably the first time I’ve seen such thing) make an online order and the workers of the company will call you and schedule the convenient time to pick up and deliver your order.

What I like about it is the freshness of the idea. The shoe repair service is usually a thing that we don’t notice until a heal break or something like that. That’s why they’re so Soviet-style in Kyiv. Though, it sounds ridiculous at first, the idea is brilliant in its simplicity. Just attract the clients with the perfect service and they’ll come back, whenever the prices are higher. And it actually feels nice to come there.

Omelianenko Nelia

Network of restaurants in Kyiv and Harkov.
Exist from 2007 «Mama Maria Pizza». Averagely two restaurants are opened in year.
Kitchen: Italian and Japan cuisine.

Karaoke, children-table, a lcoholic and non- alcoholic drinks

Click for full-size image
Special for this place:
24 hours working restaurants is not ordinary for Kiev, but still it is 24 hours working. Also in this bars special advances included like big rooms, karaoke-hall all night long.
Prices are not too high, but still this place is not cheap

Oleksandr Myronenko

Wizz Air Ukraine Ltd.
Base: Boryspil Airport
Head: Sergiy Dementiev
Headquarters: Gryshka 3-A str, Kyiv, 02140 Ukraine
Staff: 78 people
Number of carried passengers: 546 000 in 2010
Fleet: 2 Airbus A320 (both were produced in 2008)
Owner: Dnipro Aviation (majority shareholder Wizz Air Ltd.)

Click for full-size image

Wizz Air Ukraine is the first low-cost operator in Ukraine. It started operation in 2008 with only 1 aircraft on domestic routes. In 2009 it cancelled the majority of domestic flights and expanded its operation on international market. Now Wizz Air has 1 domestic route and 13 international from Kyiv and Lviv. Wizz Air plans to change the base airport from 27th of March. All flights will be transferred to “Kyiv” Airport (unofficial name Zhulyany).

Anna Kotalejchuk

Bookstore “Ye” (Книгарня Є) - network of bookstores all over the Ukraine.

Founder: ESEM Media GmbH (Austria)

Owner: (I'm still working on it…)


5 bookstores in Kyiv:

- 3 Lysenka St., Kiev, Ukraine

- 5 Spaska St., Kiev, Ukraine

- 107/47 Saksaganskogo St., Kiev, Ukraine

- 38 Velyka Vasylkivska St., Kiev, Ukraine

- 33/2 Povitroflotsky Av., Kiev, Ukraine

General information:

“Ye” – is a network of bookstores all over the Ukraine.

The first bookstore was founded in 2007 in Kyiv. Today there’re 5 bookshops in Kyiv, and also in Lviv, Charkiv, Ivano-Frankivsk.

The special feature of the business is that they’ve recommended themselves as a bookstore which sells the Ukrainian book. There’re also books in foreign languages, in origin. In the same time, other stores and book-managing companies prefer books in Russian rather than in Ukrainian. So the customer knows exactly, that he or she could find a good Ukrainian book only in “Ye”-store.

They have a lot of special propositions, which are very attractive for customers. For example, a good online-shop, where you could read the reviews, see prices and availability.

Other special features:

- a lot of books for children (in Ukrainian), toys, place for reading and playing with children;

- CDs (music, films, plays, audio-book);

- comfortable place for reading (the customers don’t feel like they’re in bookshop);

- free Internet (Wi-Fi);

- shelves for book-crossing;

- regular events (books presentations, meetings with authors etc.);

- friendly and nice employee.

if(window.savefrom__lm){savefrom__lm.setLanguage('ru'); savefrom__lm.useSmallButton = true; savefrom__lm.modifyTextLink = false; savefrom__lm.go();}

Lesya Ivanova

Business: HUMANA second hand clothes shop

Address: Frunze st., 126/2

Working hours: M-F 10:00 till 20:00
S-S 10:00 till 18:00

Official HUMANA People to People (the Federation) is registered in Switzerland in Registre du Commerce de Geneve, no. 14453/2004.

Post Adress: Avenue Louis-Casaï 18, CH-1209 Geneva, Switzerland.

Tel: +41 22 747 7540

The International Headquarters is situated on Murgwi Estate, Shamva in Zimbabwe, 85 km outside of the capital Harare, in a rural setting.


“HUMANA” is a network of second hand shops. The first one opened in 2003, and now there are 36 of them around Kyiv, and also several in Odessa, Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk. But this is not a Ukrainian network as we tend to understand it. It is only a small part of a global international organization which uses SH-business AS A MEANS to earn money not just for the owners profit but to finance humanitarian programs.

HUMANA organization:

Humana People to People – along with donations – earns money by collecting, recycling and selling out second hand clothes. Tens of thousands of clothes collection bins are placed in shopping centers, parking lots and residential areas in Europe and North America in collaboration with municipalities and private entities, giving people the opportunity to donate their used clothes.

Having this money Humana develops more than 330 development projects in operation in the beginning of 2010. These are the projects within Education, Agriculture and Rural Development, the Fight against AIDS, Community Development, Environment and Economic Development.
They involve 11.5 million people and have 8.300 employees in 10 countries in Africa, 3 countries in Asia, and 3 countries in Latin America.

HUMANA shop:

As a second hand business it differs a lot from the SH markets in Ukraine. First of all this is a network of a SHOPS that work legally but not open-air markets. Clothes is presented as in a usual shop, it’s clean and ironed and arranged by the type but not stuffed in a stinky messy pile as it is usual for markets, ant there are 2-3 assistants and a manager to help clients.

Prices here are FIXED, you can’t haggle, and it is not cheap at all. At least comparing it to the prices in SH-markets: there you can buy a dress for approximately 10-20hrn (2-2,5$), but in a HUMANA shop prices vary from 50 for a T-short to 100hrn (6,5-12,5$) for a dress.

The prices are defined on labels saying “HUMANA”, which is another proof for the customers that the business is legal (which we are not that sure for the SH markets as in Ukraine importing smth as SH is a well known way to import contraband into the country). And finally when buying smth in HUMANA shop you get a check – they have legal accounting, which would be a complete nonsense for the SH market traders.

Click for full-size image

Kate Voznytsya

Name of company: University Publishing House «Pulsary»

Name of director: Larysa Jurijivna Kopan’

Adress: Ukraine, 04071, Kyiv–71, Mezhygirska Str., 7/16 «D» (subway station «Kontractova ploscha»)

Description: This is one of the few publishing houses in Kyiv which publishes only books in Ukrainian. These are books of Ukrainian writers, Ukrainian versions of worldwide known treatises and also monographs and textbooks. For me the most remarkable thing about this company is a wide range of printing services, which it provides. Here you can print documents and photos, or even make a luminescent print on your T-shirt. As well, this is a good place to bind a diploma cheaply. Also I would add that local worker Taras sometimes treats regular comers with sweets and that is very nice.

On the photo: Anayolij Zubar, corrector

Dmytro Stepanets

Exar Photo Studio

Managing director- Olena Monastyrska

Velyka Vasylkivska (Chervonoarmiyska) st., 112

Click for full-size image

The company deals with everything related to the photography. They print photos of different sizes and on different materials, design photo frames, make professional film development, restore old photos, etc.

The history of Exar began in 1971 when the Portrait photo studio was founded. In 1994 it became LLC Exar.

Now they make some exclusive products as photo books, mosaic puzzles, printing on cloth. They also have a store where the professional photo equipment is sold, many kinds of good cameras and lenses.

Olga Bogachevska

Trymai! Media

Recording studio and video production

Address: 21 Dehtyarivska st., Kyiv, Ukraine

Company founders: Andriy Pryymachenko, Stas Chorny

Photo was taken from Andriy Pryymachenko’s blog

Anna Levytska

''Sokrovishnitsa Podnebesnoi', the ner of china elite tea shops.

tea-shop 'Sokrovishnita Podnebesnoi' in te trade center 'Olimpiiskii'.Name of the company: ''Sokrovishnitsa Podnebesnoi'

Name of the director: Alexander Zuzanskii

Adress: (office) Kyiv, 87-A Mezhygirska str.

Description: this company is specialized on delivering chilna elite tea. Its target group is quite narrow: people, who are interested in high-qualifies tea. this tea is of high quality because of processed system. It is gathered and processed by hands, no aroma oils is used. Only the upper leafs from the tea tree are allowed. Such sorts of tea have really nice aftertaste. So, the customer can be sure he or she drink carefully selected tea. Besides, this company proposes lots of sorts of tea, as China is the counrty which cultivates the largest amount of tea in the world.

This company places a unique niche on the ukrainian market, as almost all the other companies are focused on the mass consuption of tea, delivering cheaper sorts of tea with lower quality.

Alexander Zuzanskii, the direcrtor of the net 'Sokrovishnitsa Podnebesnoi'

Address: (2 tea shops in Kyiv)

  • Tea-shop 'Sokrovishnitsa Podnebesnoi'. Kyiv, 72 Chervonoarmiiska str., Trade Center 'Olimpiiskyi', ground floor
  • Tea-shop 'Tea Express'. Kyiv, 2-A Marina Raskova str., Trade Center 'Livoberezhnyi', ground floor.

Anastasiia Novikova

Cinema "Leningrad"

Adress: Kyiv, Gagaryna st.,7

Tel. +38 044 230 14 20

Working hours: 10 a.m. till 10 p.m.

Tipe of ownership: communal property, the director is nominated by local Department of Culture.

Chief-director: Iryna Bohorska

Staff: 47

Description: The cinema "Leningrad" was founded in 1959 in the Darnycia suburb. Throughout this time the cinema has been under communal property, what means that it's partially financed by municipal government, but mainly makes money on its own. As current chief-director Iryna Bohorska conviences, "Lenengrad"-interprise works strictly for self-repayment. Essential feature of this cinema is low ticket-prices. Tickets here are two or three times cheaper than in commercial cinemas.

Sveta Gordiienko

"Mac-Service" (one of the official Apple service-centres in Kyiv)

Owner: Roman Kharchenko

Address: 23 Observatorna str.

Kyiv, Ukraine


Opening hours: Mon - Fri 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Staff: 8

Number of new items: 45 per day

Number of clients: 15 per day

The most popular item: Apple MacBook Pro

Incomings: 1 200 $ per day (25 000 $ per month)

Description: "Mac-Service" is official Apple service-centre.

There are all types of Apple-production and accessories in this computer store.

You can make your order on-line (mshop.in.ua) or you can come to fix your MacBook or iPad :)


Jan 25, 2011

Ivan Zhezhera

"Furshet", a network of supermarkets. Established in 2004.
In the same year, one of these supermarkets was opened near my appartment (at Peremogy blvd., 94/1)

Its owner's name is Igor Balenko. He's a successful businessman, who also owns a couple of restaurants in Kyiv.
Married to our famous female singer Assia Akhat. A father of three children.

Special features of "Furshet": well...nothing really. This market sells all the same stuff that all its competitors do.
BUT: "Furshet" is one of the first markets esatblished in Kyiv. It is VERY first one opened in Svyatoshino district (there where I live).
I also figured that "Furshet" has got its own delivery service. You can order goods in online store, via phone or fax. Delivery service works from 10.00 to 18.00. Your order will be delivered the same day (or the next day - in case you odered goods after 17.30)

This market works for 7 years already, and within this time its managers set up relationships with many other companies. These are Ernst and Young Ukraine, Groupe SEB, Sony Ericsson Ukraine, Logitech Europe SA, BBC Ukraine, Ukrtelecom, etc.

Feb 1, 2011

who delets businesses of other people???????????????????

Feb 2, 2011

My entry about "Rozetka.ua" also has been removed by someone. Vitaly

Feb 3, 2011

And my "Spar" too. Kateryna Shypko

Lou Ureneck
Feb 3, 2011

Please renter your businesses, and I will try to find out how your entries were deleted. Thank you, Prof Ureneck

Mar 7, 2011

I have the same trouble. And I can not add the information once more now because of the "error"...
Kseniya Marchenko

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